If you seek to create an impact and improving your organization’s bottom line by lifting the performance of your people, we at Yellowshorts Consulting can work with you on various levels of programme design, from partly tailored content and delivery to a fully customised learning solution

Strategic Facilitation Solutions

Meetings are important to plan strategy, brainstorm new products but if these meetings are not properly facilitated, these meetings can be a double-edged sword that can be hijacked or even rendered ineffective if left unfacilitated.

Here at Yellowshorts, we can help manage & facilitate your meetings for maximum productivity and creative output, using tools such as LEGO, Open Space Technology, World Cafe, and other methodologies.

Blocks-Based Training Solutions

We love playing LEGO here at Yellowshorts and our solutions are normally built that way, with functional building blocks that can be fitted together into a coherent, comprehensive solution, the blocks we offer are:

→ Assessments-based Tools (e.g. personality, EQ, HR)
→Innovative Activities
→ Wholebrain Training Environment


We, at Yellowshorts Consulting, enthusiastically pledge (PS: We love what we do here....) to provide the following:
People Potential Performance

→ Fun, zany & customised results-oriented training solutions to meet our clients needs

→ Engage our clients to enhance their human capital development requirements via holistic social enterprise initiatives

→ To Collaborate with our partners, creating Win-Win human capital development solutions such as:

       ▬ Meaningful Team-building sessions that ACTUALLY builds & develops teams

       ▬ Talent Management Solutions for Youths and Next-Gen Workforce

       ▬ Assessment-based Training Solutions


    Revolutionising Social and Corporate Mindsets

  • Mission

    To CREATE Impact on Human Capital Development and Social Change

  • Partners

    Espressolab Asia

    Original Bootcamp

    CYRYX University

    Taylor's University

    Xcelink Ventures

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Passion, Commitment, Zeal and passion...wait...already mentioned that!
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Nicholas Chan

Chief Executive Officer
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Sumana Lum

Chief Operating Officer
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Amalen Sathananthar

Social Impact Consultant
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