Career Tips: Be UNCONVENTIONAL with Your Resumes!

What are the conventional methods to showcase your skills and experience to your prospective employers…let’s see…


….curriculum vitae (*if you are in academia)

I can basically assume that everyone reading this must have at least done a basic or conventional resume or CV in some form or way in your fledgling or booming professional careers.

But in such high-strung, high-tech, competitive employment markets with so much “glocalisation” going on…it does NOT pay to be conventional.

Yes…I know its conventional (again?) wisdom write a resume or CV when applying for that dream job of yours that has been eluding you; wait….I am not asking you to ditch the resume as its still one of the (yawn!) conventional and accepted methods of employment application…but let’s take a big step out of the proverbial box….LET’S GET UNCONVENTIONAL!

So what would this unconventional entail you ask….maybe..

…add colour to my resume?

…use more italics in my experience summaries?


No, no and NO…if it was THAT simple I think you would have landed that high-paying, super-emo-fulfilling job by now!

Did you know that almost 65% of resumes don’t even muster a glance past the 1st page and it lands in the reject tray?

Tip: You can supplement your resume or CV with something that will highlight your creativity

Duh you say…okay how about this? Have you ever thought of using a MINDMAP to ILLUSTRATE your career history? Especially if you are applying for positions where creativity and resourcefulness are all part of the required skillsets; How about a FLOWCHART for those techies or engineering fellas out there to show them how your career has flowed thus far.

If you are wondering how to do it? Here’s MINE for your personal viewing pleasure! (Download the JPEG HERE)

You see…employers know that they can get good academic quality graduates anytime of the day but economic circumstances dictate that they need to not ONLY take the academically good ones but also the ones they will need NOT spend so much time training and are already very talented in their own right. If you can shift your mindset from the CONVENTIONAL to the UNCONVENTIONAL…then you are already one of those people who will seize that dream job.

What will doing some like supplementing my application resume with a mindmap accomplish? Well….maybe it might just:

  1. Show your prospective employers you are creative and resourceful
  2. It breaks the usual monotony of recruitment for these poor HR souls
  3. It show EFFORT and DETERMINATION on your hardwork to get that job!
  4. You are differentiating yourself from the thousands already looking for the same line of work
  5. It will look AWESOME!

So go ahead….try something new and surprise people with both CONVENTIONAL (Zzzz….*snort) and UNCONVENTIONAL!

Remember: There is NO HARM in doing it…but if you did not do it…it has already done its harm to you!

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