What is Your Learning Style?

Ponder this…almost everything your parents or teachers ever told or taught you about learning is WRONG or UNFOUNDED!

Remember the time when your mum used to come into your room while you were studying and started nagging you about why is your music blaring while you study; BUT you knew you were studying and the subject was ACTUALLY being assimilated into you!

Remember the time when you Dad refused to send you to a pals place to group study because he FELT you guys would be too busy yakking away and will not concentrate on your studies; BUT the fact was that the peer and collaborative learning environment allowed each member to bounce ideas off each other and hence was able to increase your study effectiveness.

This in a nutshell are our Personal Learning Styles; I know this may seem like those “Eh! I Know This Already lar!” moments but you would be surprised that plenty of people out there (Kids AND Adults) still cannot identify or conceptualize their Personal Learning Styles.

By identifying your Personal Learning Styles, you will be able to assimilate and absorb hard or difficult topic because you have adjusted your Optimal Learning Style and your body and brain is now in sync to start learning.

There are 3 Key Elements that affect your Personal Learning Styles:

  • Environment
  • Medium
  • Delivery

When both parents and kids understand that these 3 factors and how to observe patterns of behavior, I will be writing extensively in 3 separate post on the above 3 factors and what to observe in your kids or your personal learning styles (e.g. self-learning, organisational learning, adult learners)

I am hoping to share much more on this while I rush to complete my book that will be published this year on this topic. My ultimate goal is to make parents more aware about the intricacies of learning both for children and adults, I would dare say its a personal mission!

Do watch out for the next post on the 1st element in identifying your learning style, crafting an environment that is conducive and replicable to ensure your learning effectiveness.

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