Are Malaysian Business Owners and Managers Ready to Trust? (Part 2)


In our earlier article on Malaysian Business Owners and Managers, on the topic of trust within the sphere of organisational influence, we briefly talked about the Fear of the Unknown; in which we looked at how generic management styles and methodologies are antiquated and needs to be revamped or done without completely in order to stay relevant in the competitive business world today. This impetus to move also stems from the growing talent flow of Generation Y and Generation Z now starting to permeate the organisational ranks.

The Fear of Letting Go

It is always hard to let go of what we feel makes us comfortable, and somewhat complacent at times but these “practices” will then inherently with dire consequences evolve into habits that cannot be broken out of and very hard to let go.

I will go out on a limb here to say that a lot of this stem from the fear of letting go of what organisational power that has been bestowed upon management, the almighty management powers that was bequeath to you by the powers above on high but let’s take a step back to understand that a lot of organisational management power is purely either functional or positional. Functional by the view that a job needs to be done and you are either the most qualified or the next in line to get it done, another view is positional where you management power stem from the title that was assigned to you by your JD (HR speak for Job Description) or power-played into your lap.

These were the concerns and management mindsets that stem from organisations that maintain a rigid, upward & downward thrust of business momentum where the ceiling above is typically the goal of the career that was planned for you but in this new generation economy and all that jazz, where organic growth through collaboration and intermediaries are starting to reach a critical point; organisational leaders and managers can ill afford to maintain their current business practices for long. It is time to let go.

If managing Generation Y is any indication, then Generation Z (the next phase!) will want even greater transparency, flexible work environment and job mobility (both physical and functional); which means that for the sake of business continuity, organisations must start thinking about evolving to the next phase which is (just rattling off some concepts to consider!):

  • Introduction of mobile working spaces (e.g. open spaces, encouraging divergent and convergent work processes)
  • Job & Functional Rotation
  • Tangible talent management programs (e.g. access to mentors and coaches, availability of leadership development programs)
  • Comprehensive Skills Development Program
  • Flexible remuneration based on project matrixes
  • The influx of the “Freelance Movement”

Now some of these concepts will be covered in other articles in the future and I hope to be able to explain more of these fascinating management concepts soon. But I would like to discuss something that we are Yellowshorts Consulting are currently working on, such as the earlier mentioned Leadership Development Program.

We developed a comprehensive 3-Module leadership development program for an international shared-services support organisation based in Germany, this programs was specifically created and customised according to the core leadership competency models of said organisation which includes the following:

  • Personality Profiling
  • Work-Life Assessments
  • Values-Based Leadership styles
  • Communication styles
  • Conflict Resolution & Consensus Building
  • Change Management

These core thrusts of the program will then be administered via coached class sessions with our trainers, self-reflection and self-managed assignments are handled out to ensure proper assimilation of the concepts and practices. We believe that one-off training session, particularly if it is developmental in nature such as nurturing next generation leaders and management is NOT conducive and should done away with. While technical workshops are great within the 2-3 day time frame due to the nature of such subjects and may lead to in-house consultation; it is suggested that organisations start planning training programs that is customised to the values and competency models of your organisation.

In summary, we need to rethink the methodologies that we hold dear and start letting go of them as times are changing and they change regardless of whether your organisation is ready or not; if you have not consolidated the relationships between the generation cohorts (that’s Gen-X, Gen-Y & Baby Boomer classifications) or are still working on slave-ship mentalities, its time to change or change will in time affect you.

If you are interested in some of the concepts that Yellowshorts Consulting are working on, please do not hesitate to email us directly for more information about our innovative programs and content development services.

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