Career Tips: The Rocket Science of Getting the Resume Just Right! – Part 2

I hope that Part 1 of this article has been helpful for everyone and this week I am sharing 5 more tips to getting your resume noticed and not thrown into the recycle tray of a potential employer.

I gave a hint in the last post that products are not the only thing that needs branding, you the job-seeker is also in need of methodical branding. Follow the common rules of branding (Any marketing textbook will do!); you need to have a UNIQUE SELLING PROPOSITION and something that defines who you are, these can be attributes and skills that you may have that is out of this world and can contribute to your potential employer.

The measure of a successful career is when your branding is so effective that people will hunt you and give you a job rather than you hunting for one; my sister has established such a good work attitude and ethic that she is not only sought after by her organisations competitors but also her customers (client-side).

Again, here are some more workable tips for you to improve your resume:

  1. DO NOT shotgun your resume, saying that you are a jack of all trades will just tell the employer that you’re not focused and specific. Instead sharp-shoot your skills to the desired career choice but also tell them that you are multi-skilled (i.e. multi-tasking) as a side-note.
  2. Tell the employer how you can help achieve the organisational goals if you were to be hired. Employers are looking for the right peg to fit into the right hole.
  3. Choose your words well; make sure they are powerful but not boastful. Toot your horn about your skills using these powerful words but REMEMBER: NOBODY LIKES A SHOW-OFF!
  4. Get someone to look at your resume; preferably someone with working experience (i.e. parents, elder siblings, head-hunters). Never hurts to get an extra opinion.
  5. Wear your resume on your sleeve; with pride, confidence and determination. You will also approach your interview in the same manner.

I particularly like the last tip as it is sorely lacking in today’s workforce, that is to have pride and confidence in your abilities to pursue that dream career; its like when a contingent of athletes walk into a stadium filled with passionate fans and spectators, the deafening roar and cheers, it just fills your heart with pride and it overwhelms your senses; that is how you should approach your career and your life. BE PROUD!

This ends a 2 part series on resumes, the next series will focus on the interview portion. Till Next Time!

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