Career Tips: The Rocket Science of Getting the Resume Just Right! – Part 1

*I wrote this awhile back for a Career magazine that was published in Australia and in my capacity sometimes as a Career counselor, I regularly speak on good recruitment and career skills. This is going to be one of many new posts on how to manage your career; with a few special people contributing as well. Enjoy and I hope this helps you!

The Rocket Science of Getting the Resume Just Right! – Part 1

Sometimes the most obvious thing is the simplest of them all, and in the realm of career management, it is your resume. The resume is basically a marketing tool, a very precise tool like a scalpel; if you are truly looking to chart and manage your career in a clinical, precise manner; you need to start with your resume.

An ancient philosopher once said:

“When a person does now know what harbour they are making for, no wind is the right wind”

– Seneca

There is no hard and fast rule but to basically have a definitive and unwavering career goal and then start tackling your resume with these sure-fire tips below:

1. Ensure your resume is free from grammatical errors and typos; nothing kills a resume faster than someone who can’t spell resume or curriculum vitae right. Reminder: There is a reason why word processors have spell-check; USE IT!

2. An organisation will want to hire a person who can “add-value” to it the most; write how your skills and the person you are can benefit the organisation.

3. Don’t be afraid to blow your own horn, your competition will surely do it too! Also separate your achievements and prior job responsibilities, make your achievements stand out with bullet points and responsibilities in narrative paragraphs (NOTE: Short and to the Point, unless you are looking to be the next Stephenie Meyer and bore the reader to death! )

4. Put a human side behind your resume; capture emotions behind your achievements and background;

Example: “Writing a prize winning article for my college newsletter really showed me that journalism is the career for me”; here the writer used an achievement to show her dedication and enthusiasm for a career in journalism.

5. Avoid ultra-long paragraphs and keep it to sharp key points about yourself. Remember: your resume is a sales tool; selling your various benefits, no one wants to read about how Uncle James inspired your personal undying love for turtle conservation or crap like that!)

This concludes Part 1 of tips to writing an impactful resume to seize and management your dream career.

Hint: Laundry detergent is not the *ONLY* product that needs branding!

*PART 2 is now posted….visit it here (

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