Founder’s New Year Message

Firstly, Happy New Year 2016 to all!


A new year has dawned, and as we look back at 2015, I can’t help but feel overwhelmed with what Yellowshorts Consulting has achieved in 2015.


I started down this path as a businessman and entrepreneur in the training industry in 2006, and in these 9 years I’ve come from a being freelancer, to working with large established companies as clients, i’m honoured that companies such as Prudential, OCBC, Kidzania and Taylor’s University chose to work with Yellowshorts Consulting. I thank them all for the opportunity and also the learning experience for the mistakes I’ve made over the years, for that I ask for their humble forgiveness.


My business has taken many forms in the past, starting with NAC Training & Coaching to now, Yellowshorts Consulting Sdn Bhd. As much as I would like to mull on mistakes and missed opportunities, I look at them as learning outcomes of being an trainer and businessman, and come 2016, I plan to take Yellowshorts Consulting to greater heights.


I would like to officially welcome 2 individuals who are now working with Yellowshorts Consulting and with their contribution, we can achieve those heights of which I have planned.


Firstly, Amalen Sathananthar; Amalen came to Yellowshorts as a helper with the Taylor’s University SHINE Discovery Session program in 2014 and has become an integral part of Yellowshorts ever since, he has evolved from helper/volunteer to the official Social Impact Consultant for Yellowshorts Consulting, he is also training up to be one of the most dynamic new trainers in 2016. We also look to venturing into the realm of social work this year and Amalen will be spearheading this momentum. He will be assisted by Wayne Low, one of our student interns who has been assisting us in many areas for the past few months.


Most importantly, Sumana Lum; my former dormant shareholder in Yellowshorts and also my partner for life has officially joined Yellowshorts as our Chief Operations Officer, she will oversee all manner of operations for our business and will also work on new projects that will allow us to diversify. I am blessed to be able to work with my wife in this capacity and I will not take her sacrifice of her career for granted.


2016 also see 2 major developments for Yellowshorts, we are proud to announce that we will continue to work with Taylor’s University’s SHINE program, training the SHINE students at the SHINE Discovery Sessions in 2016;


And most importantly, we will be working together with Espressolab Asia, Malaysia’s fastest growing specialty coffee chain as their official training partner, we will be releasing more information on this partnership in the coming weeks and we are super excited to be working with the awesome team at Espressolab.


I always feel regrets are a waste of time and that we need to keep looking forward to the future; I am looking to the future and I want to thanks everyone that has given me the opportunity to change their lives and organisations.


Happy New Year 2016 and May the Force be with You!




Nicholas Chan

Founder, Director & C3PO

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