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The way Mr. Nicholas presented all the things were excellent, one of the best I have met before. He knows how to joke around to bring the crowd back and also to educate us in a serious way as well. I think that’s the thing he should be continue doing.

Henry Lim,

All in all, the entire self discovery session has helped me to picked up knowledge and skills that were new to me as well as refined the skills that I already have. In the future, perhaps I could use this experience that I have gained and accomplish everything in half of the amount of time I have used.

Chong Jae-Sonn,

A mediocre trainer does not need passion. But passion is what makes a trainer excellent at what he does. Nick has loads of passion for training par excellence. Always cordial, always impact-ful and full of interesting insights.

Cheryl Soo,

Nick is all about experiential. He don’t wow you but he touched you instead. He planted the seeds and let it grow in you and he is always there to guide you. He is friendly and sincere; he appeal to all levels of society. He believe in sustainable energy rather than the hitting the climax that drain you from your road forward. We benefitted enormously from his programme tailored made to our needs and we are proud to have Nick as out Coach of the year. We believe the Yellowshorts of Nick shall lead us like guiding light to our common destiny as a team.

Chris Tan, Chur Associates

Nicholas is a dynamic speaker who engages his participants with personal anecdotes, real life scenarios and down to earth examples. He is a powerful, professional, and passionate trainer who has a good mix of experience and enthusiasm. I remember attending his workshop six months ago and enjoyed every minute of it. The messages he tries to drive home are motivating, meaningful and memorable. His use of creative media like video clips and other visuals are particularly effective. Most importantly, Nicholas speaks to your heart, not just your head.

James Yeow,

The self discovery session is actually a good reason why I am the person I am today, well the good side of me of course. It has taught me to have a great sense of emotional intelligence and that emotional intelligence is extremely important in our social and professional/cooperate life. I owe one to Mr. Nicholas as he has been able to help us gain the exposure we need for our future career and he has very subtlety educated us of the real world and I’m also glad that through all of this, I’ve met great and talented people in their respective fields. In short, this session is one of the greatest thing that has every happened to me in my entire life on campus.

Praveen Varma,

I personally found Mr. Nick’s talk more interesting and relatable. I believe it was because of the fact that he spoke not solely about what he was trying to say. He instead, shared mostly his stories and life experience that captured the audiences including myself. I find this method more effective because instead of forcing them to listen to someone talking about facts, Mr. Nick tries to get the message out through the interesting life stories and hobbies that he shared. Definitely will recommend more to join the session!

Shawn Yan,

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Why Yellowshorts?2020-05-03T15:11:37+08:00

The immense experience of our Founder and our team of expert trainers and consultants, with an accumulative experience of more than 40 years in various industries will ensure that your training and consulting experience with Yellowshorts Consulting is both and effective and meaningful one.

Why is the company called Yellowshorts?2020-05-03T15:12:40+08:00

This you have to ask our founder. He has an inspiring story behind.

Drop us an inquiry here!

What is Yellowshorts Consulting?2020-05-03T15:02:34+08:00

Yellowshorts Consulting was founded on the premise that Training and Learning programs needed to not only be educational and meet the requirements of our clients and participants, but also to make sure the training is both fun and experiential in nature.

What does Yellowshorts Consulting do?2020-05-03T15:13:38+08:00

Our signature LEGO building block approach to designing our training programs is comprehensive one where we get down to the ground to find out the actual training needs of the organisation, understand their organisational structures and issues, this is to ensure that we can design and build the most effective training program for our clients.

Is Yellowshorts Consulting’s services vital for my company?2020-05-03T15:04:31+08:00

Any business that functions as a profit entity with internal and external stakeholders will require our services, to analyse the collective business continuity risks to your organisation.

Is Yellowshorts Consulting Programmes Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF) Claimable?2020-05-03T15:06:50+08:00

Our programmes varies, please do contact us with the programme you are interested for more information.

If I have any inquiries whom do I contact?2020-05-03T15:08:35+08:00

If you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us by filling up our contact form here or drop us an email here. We will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible