About Us

Yellowshorts Consulting was founded on the premise that Training and Learning programs needed to not only be educational and meet the requirements of our clients and participants, but also to make sure the training is both fun and experiential in nature.

Our signature LEGO building block approach to designing our training programs is comprehensive one where we get down to the ground to find out the actual training needs of the organisation, understand their organisational structures and issues, this is to ensure that we can design and build the most effective training program for our clients.

The immense experience of our Founder and our team of expert trainers and consultants, with an accumulative experience of more than 40 years in various industries will ensure that your training and consulting experience with Yellowshorts Consulting is both and effective and meaningful one.

Firstly, Happy New Year 2020 to everyone!

A new year is upon us again and here at Yellowshorts Consulting, we ended 2019 on a high note, lots of new programs and initiatives as well as new clients to have joined our community.

On top of that, we’ve seen new partnership ventures being forged both locally and internationally with our Maldivian partners, CYRYX College. We’ve successfully deployed our brand of training and consulting to the Maldives, as well as bringing our Maldivian brothers and sisters to our shores to learn from our local partners as well.

Our BCM and Asset Management Consulting and Implementation projects are ongoing with our clients, and we’re aggressively promoting these products, not just for corporates to be aware of the importance of business resilience but also for nation building as well. There is plenty to look forward to for 2020 in this area of our business, so stay tuned!

We’ve also started working with a new local resort partner, Orchard Safari Resort based in Malacca, a very conducive and yet elegant resort which has a combination of both Glamping and Resort accommodation styles and facilities, we look forward to a productive and exciting partnership with them.

For the new year of 2020, our Chief Trainer, Chris Wong will also be spearheading our new Youth Programs, which we will be conducting for international and local schools. To promote better youth development, we are also working with CareerQuest, a youth development community organisation that provides experiential and personal development outlets for youths.

As a Rotarian, I personally believe in giving back to the Community at large using my vocation, and we’ve done this very successfully in 2019 with Project Hope, where we take a portion of our profits to fund training for deserving NGOs and Social Organisations that require skills training. We conducted a very successful session for 2 social organisation (Agape and Protect and Save the Children) on the topic of Psychological First Aid. We will continue to run Project Hope more consistently and hope to get more community support.

With that, I wish everyone visiting us here a Prosperous and Joyous 2020! May the Force be with You!

Nicholas Chan
Founder and CEO

Our Vision
Revolutionising Social and Corporate Mindsets

Our Mission
To CREATE Impact on Human Capital Development and Social Change

Our Objective
We, at Yellowshorts Consulting, enthusiastically pledge to provide the following:

– Fun, zany & customised results-oriented training solutions to meet our clients needs
– Engage our clients to enhance their human capital development requirements via holistic social enterprise initiatives
– To Collaborate with our partners, creating Win-Win human capital development solutions such us:
> Meaningful Team-building sessions that ACTUALLY builds & develops teams
> Talent Management Solutions for Youths and Next-Gen Workforce
> Assessment-based Training Solutions

Authorisation & Partners

Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) Malaysia